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Review/Recap Castle | ‘Child’s Play’ (Season 7, #4)

Review/Recap Castle | ‘Child’s Play’ (Season 7, #4)

Castle Banner

By: Cynthia Ayala

“Castle goes under cover at an elementary school to try to find a student who may have information about the shooting of an ice cream vendor.”

  • Synopsis provided by Shazam.

I do enjoy Castle so very much.

This last episode brought out the inner child of Castle, if that was even more possible, and Nathan Fillion captured all the humor that was necessary for his role in this…

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Review/Recap Sleepy Hollow | ‘The Weeping Lady’ (Season 2, #5)

Review/Recap Sleepy Hollow | ‘The Weeping Lady’ (Season 2, #5)

Sleepy Hollow Banner

By: Cynthia Ayala

“A woman from Ichabod’s past arrives in town, undead and aiming to harm anyone in her path; Katrina and Ichabod learn disturbing things about each other; Abbie has flirtatious encounters.”

  • Synopsis provided by Shazam

The Weeping Lady tale is one of my personal favorites because I’m Mexican and it’s a classic Mexican tale parents tell their children to behave. So I’m…

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Review/Recap Gotham | ‘Viper’ (Season 1, #5)

Review/Recap Gotham | ‘Viper’ (Season 1, #5)

Gotham Banner

By: Cynthia Ayala

“Gordon and Bullock seek out the source of a new street drug that is killing users; Cobblepot gets deeper into Maroni’s inner circle; Fish Mooney continues to plot against Falcone.”

  • Synopsis provided by Shazam

I absolutely love how this show creates the premise to the future, as fans know it…or knew it before the new 52. Just look at this episode where they introduced Viper,…

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Review/Recap Resurrection | ‘Old Scars’ (Season 2, #4)

Review/Recap Resurrection | ‘Old Scars’ (Season 2, #4)

Ressurection Banner

By: Cynthia Ayala

“Unexpected guests strain Langston family relationships.”

  • Synopsis provided by Hulu.

Well that episode really dropped a bomb as far as the mystery behind Grandmother Langston and her connection to the bones of the Returned from the past. There is something happening, some underlining connection that makes her character so intriguing. Viewers don’t know what to make of her,…

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Recap/Review Once Upon a Time | ‘The Apprentice’ (Season 4, #4)

Recap/Review Once Upon a Time | ‘The Apprentice’ (Season 4, #4)

Once Upon A Time Banner

By: Cynthia Ayala

“Hook makes a deal and Regina searches for Marian’s cure.”

  • Synopsis provided by Hulu

Fun filled. Once Upon a Time has, so far, redeemed itself from the debacle it became last season. Bringing both Disney’s Frozen and Hans Christian Anderson’s original Snow Queen into the mix return the show to its true fairy tale roots.

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A Magical Science Fiction Adventure | Review of ‘The Map of the Sky’ (Trilogía Victoriana, #2)

A Magical Science Fiction Adventure | Review of ‘The Map of the Sky’ (Trilogía Victoriana, #2)

The Map of the Sky Banner

By: Cynthia Ayala

Palma does it again this his indirect sequel to ‘The Map of Time’.  With exquisite detail and strong characterization, a play unfold before the readers eyes with intricate story telling.

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Week 42 2014 | Part 1 | Comic Reviews

Week 42 2014 | Part 1 | Comic Reviews

Week 42 2014_1

By Cynthia Ayala

Teen Titans (2014 - ) #3

Teen Titans (2014 – ) #3

Teen Titans (2014 – ) #3 (RELEASE DATE: OCT 15, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $2.99)

Blinded by the Light | Part 3

What I like about this Teen Titans re-launch is that it doesn’t undo what the previous series established. At least not completely. Gar has his old fun loving personality and green skin back while Raven’s darker personality and stoic attitude has a…

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Weekly Reading List #10

Weekly Reading List #10

Weekly Reading #10

By: Cynthia Ayala

Hey there avid readers! I hope everyone is having a wonderful and splendid Sunday evening. I’ve been trying to catch up on all my writing, almost done typing my third novel and I’m hoping that next weekend I will be able to head on over to FedEx Kinko’s to print my second novel so that I can begin the editing process. My first novel is ready to be ordered and shipped out to…

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Chapter Three – Mirror, Mirror

Chapter Three – Mirror, Mirror

Chapter Three - Mirror, Mirror

Tempest sat in her cabin on the train and placed her feet on the seat in front of her. Void sat next to her feet on the seat beside her, mimicking her posture.

“God, I’m starving,” complained Void.

“Hey hand me my trunk,” she said ignoring him.

“I’m not getting up, I’m comfortable.”


Tempest crossed her arms and stared out the window. She stared at the scenery until the cabin door…

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